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What is age or how do you define your age

Age actually refers to the time frame for a substance to come into existence. Meaning if a substance came into existence and by adding time since then, we can know the exact age of that substance.

But there are many differences in it when we count the age of a person. Meaning when should we add his age from when he is born or from when he arrives in his mother's womb. Some people say that when the baby is in the womb and life is communicated in it, we should do the loss of life from then itself.

But at the same time, other people say that the existence of anyone starts only when we are born before that we are just a part of our mother's body. Therefore, there should be a loss of age from when we are born.

In many countries, from the time you are born, after considering your age, you add 1 year more to it and believe it to be right.

Here we can talk by taking another example like when a chair was made from the wood of a post, when will it start to add its age from when that wood was associated with the tree or when that wood was cut from the tree or else When the chair was made from that wood. There can be different views in this too.

Age Calculator From Birthday

This is the best age calculator free tool on the web. Here you can calculate your age accurately in Year month day format. One month ago when I was filling some kind of scholarship form on the net then I had searched this kind of utility for almost one week. Then I have decided to make this site to help people who want to know their current age from birthday without wasting time in long calculation.

The best way to calculate your age from your birthday is just to select your date of birth in the first date selector box and in current date in second date selector box. Now hit Calculate button and see "Your age ....... " . Yes It is simple and easy too.

age calculator from death date

There are sometimes when you want to know your ancestor's age when they died. You can also calculate their age at the time of their death from this age calculator from death date. Just select their date of birth in the first date selector and in the second date selector to choose their date of death and click calculate.

Age Calculator From Dob

Whenever you go to do any government or paperwork such as opening a job or an account or buying a house or something like that, we usually have to write your date of birth and our correct age calculation in this column on the present day.

Using this site you can also check your friends' age too. If you know their date of birth and you can surprise them by calculating their age accurately in just a few seconds.